Group Bookings for property rental for self-catering made at this property are made under the followings terms:

Booking Conditions


Terms & Conditions;

Any reference to either ‘us’ or ‘we’ in this Agreement refers to the property owner, “you” or “your” are references to the person making the booking and all members of the party. So that you understand the basis of the contract between you and us when you book your accommodation, we have laid out as clearly as possible, the conditions on which your booking is made. Nothing in these conditions affects your normal statutory rights.

The Owner:  Paul Barnett (Director – Away From Home Ltd trading as Roseneath House)

The Applicant(s): For the purpose of this agreement, the Applicant(s) are defined as the persons (party members) that agree to rent the property, Roseneath House, for any specified period, for any specified sum of money from Away From Home Ltd trading as Roseneath House. The payments for your stay and email/telephone communications will form the basis for the contract between the Applicant(s) and Away From Home Ltd trading as Roseneath House.

Third Party Suppliers: Where you take part in activities or attendances for your group as part of a package, you must adhere to the terms and rules of that organisation whether they are verbal, written or signed at the establishment. Failure to adhere to their terms could lead to loss of that experience as part of your stay.

Term/Stay: As agreed commencing at 2:00pm on arrival day and expiring at 12.00pm on departure day. Group accommodation bookings are for a minimum of a 2 night stay.

Rent: As agreed sum for specified amount of persons in property and grounds up to a maximum of 15 people.

Booking Deposit: 50% of the amount.

Keys: Meet and greet at the property by the Owner or a person nominated by them (contact details for this person will be provided at point of booking). Or use of approved key safe device.

Parking: Parking is limited to 10 vehicles

Note:  The property is strictly non-smoking. Failure to adhere will result in a minimum £100 deduction from debit/credit card details provided upon booking and the full amount will be determined by how many rooms have been affected.

Your booking: You must be at least 24 years old when you book your accommodation. The party leader (Applicant) shall be a member of the party occupying the property. The party leader (Applicant) can provisionally reserve the property over the telephone with the owner but no contract shall exist between the Applicant and the Owner until the terms and conditions have been agreed to and the Owner has received the relevant payment at which time the reservation will be confirmed subject to the Booking Form having been submitted with all required information to the satisfaction of the Owner. When we email our confirmation of booking to you we enter into a contract with you, the Applicant (the party leader), which is subject to this agreement. Any disputes or queries will be between the party leader (Applicant) and the Owner. The party leader will assume responsibility for the whole party (Applicants) and the compliance with these rules of all party members. We have the right to refuse any booking prior to the issue of our written confirmation, and if we do this we will tell you in writing and promptly refund any money you have paid us. When your confirmation is received, the details must be checked carefully. If anything is not correct you should tell us immediately. You may not add to the party size stated on your booking form without prior consent from the Owner.

Paying for your accommodation;

A deposit of 50% of the booking price is payable at the time of booking. At this point, your booking becomes binding. The balance of the booking cost must be received by us no later than 8 weeks before your arrival date.

Cancellation of booking by you;


In the unhappy event that you must cancel after you have paid your full balance, we will make every effort to rebook the property. If the property is rebooked, your funds will be returned less the difference between the new booking value if it’s lower and a £100 administration fee. However, if the property remains unbooked, you will forfeit 50% of the total amount between 60 and 30 days and 100% of the total amount within 30 days of the booked arrival date. Any request to cancel a booking must be made in writing to the owner.

Cancellation of booking by us;

If we have to cancel your booking in advance for any reason, you will be refunded the full amount of the booking. No additional compensation will be payable.


Linen and towels are provided. We do not permit towels and linen to be taken from the property or used outdoors. There is no daily housekeeping service included in the rate.

Applicant’s Obligations; The Applicant agrees:

    1. to pay for any losses or damages to the property or its fixtures, fittings or decor, howsoever caused (reasonable wear and tear excluded);
    2. to take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the stay (extra cleaning costs can be charged);
    3. not to flush anything other than toilet paper because the property is on its own treatment plant. No feminine hygiene products, wipes etc should be flushed at any time. If found that feminine products, wipes etc have been flushed and clogged the system you could be charged damages
    4. not to smoke inside the property;
    1. not to bring any pets to the property with the exception of guide dogs by arrangement
    2. not to cause a nuisance or disturbance to neighbouring accommodation or behave in an unreasonable way

Any breach of these provisions will constitute a breach of contract, the Owner may terminate the reservation forthwith in which event all monies paid by the Applicant will be forfeited and the Applicant and any third party residing in the property during the period of the Applicant’s reservation may be required to vacate the property with immediate effect. In such an event the Owner shall not be liable to make any refund of any monies paid by the Applicant whatsoever.

Damages to property, including noise nuisance, breakages or loss;

You are responsible to the Owner for the actual costs of any breakage or damage, in or to the accommodation or neighbours, which are caused by you or your party. You will be asked to provide a valid debit/credit card prior to your arrival date. The Owner reserves the right to charge the full amount for reinstatement of items found to have gone missing or to have broken or the cost of repairs or amount of any loss including business interruption losses to the credit card or debit card of the Applicant. Your debit/credit card will only be charged for the value of damages in the event any damages occur. A refundable security deposit of £500 is to be paid prior to the stay which is returned to you within a week after your stay if no additional charges arise due to the terms. Any damage must be reported immediately to the Owner. No repairs of any kind to the property or contents must be attempted by you or your party.

Accidents, injury and personal property;

This property is maintained and certified in a proper manner. The Owner shall have no liability to you for personal injury to you or any member of your party where accidents occur. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property. No liability to you is accepted in respect of damage to or loss of such property.

Third party suppliers;

If paying for a third party supplier you must adhere to the rules and regulations of that service provider. Your contract for that element of your visit will be solely with that service provider. Your health and safety is controlled and governed by your relationship with that provider. No liability is accepted by this company for any potential breach of that contract.

During your stay;

Unless by prior arrangement and the appropriate fee payment, you can arrive at your accommodation after 14:00 on the start date of your holiday up to 21:00 and you must leave by 12 noon on the last day. The Owner or anyone acting on behalf of the owner is entitled to refuse to hand over to you or to repossess the accommodation if they reasonably believe that any damage is likely to be caused by you or your party or can repossess the accommodation if damage has been caused. You cannot allow more people than you have booked to stay in the accommodation, nor can you significantly change the makeup of the party during the duration of your stay in the accommodation. Fees can be imposed for any additional previously unconfirmed person staying at the property. You may not carry out any form of trade or business from the property, nor may you sub-let any part of the buildings. The property is entirely non-smoking and you agree not to smoke in any part of the house. You must allow the Owner or any representative of the Owner access to the property at any reasonable time during your stay.

We ask that you please respect your neighbours and keep the noise to a reasonable level. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


We have a no pet policy with the exception of guide dogs by arrangement.

Hot Tub;

If the hot tub is not available for part or all of your stay no liability can be accepted and no compensation paid.

You agree to observe the “Hot Tub Rules, Regulations & Conditions” governing the use of the hot tub, which form part of these Conditions and to ensure that everyone residing in the property during the reservation period also abides by the same

Any damage to the spa facilities arising out of misuse or as a result of negligence and/or failure to follow the instructions herein will be chargeable to the Applicant.

 Cleaning on departure;

You agree to keep the accommodation clean and tidy as found and leave the accommodation in a similar condition. A basic level of cleanliness and rubbish disposal/recycling is required on your departure including cigarette butts in outside areas.

  • All kitchen crockery, cutlery, utensils etc to be washed up
  • Rubbish in bin bags/recycling containers provided.
  • Please leave keys clearly within the property.

If these requirements are not adhered to, charges of up to £100 will be charged to your bank or credit/debit card details.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Owner hereby agrees to let the Property; and the Applicant (by booking with Away From Home Ltd trading as Roseneath House) hereby agrees to take the Property for the amount and term in accordance with the conditions stated within this agreement.


  1. Always keep the hot tub covered and locked when not in use. This will conserve energy and prevent animals and young children from falling/climbing in. It will also help prevent dirt and debris from getting in.
  1. Never use the hot tub while wearing fake tan. It discolours not only the water but also the lining of the tub.
  1. Always shower with soap and water before using a hot tub. Showering before will prevent lotions and skin oils from gunking up the filter and will wash away many of the common skin bacteria and remove lotions, deodorants, creams, etc., which reduce the effectiveness of the spa sanitizer which disinfects the water and prevents bacteria from entering the pool.
  2. Do not drag or lift spa cover using either flaps or cover lock straps
  3. Do not place objects on top of cover and do not walk, stand or sit on cover
  4. Remove cover completely before entry of bathers
  5. Cover system not to be used in wind conditions above 25mph
  6. Brush any mud/ grit from your feet if you’re not wearing sandals/flip flops before you enter the Hot Tub and do not introduce mud, stones or sticks into the Hot Tub.
  7. Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub and always use the spa steps and do not place weight on the hot tub control panel & audio system. Do not step or climb on spa edges or filter lid.
  8. Test water temperature with hand before entry.
  9. The number of bathers in the spa pool at any time should never exceed the number of seats (6 main seats plus 1 ledge)
  10. Do not use bedroom towels outside for Hot Tub use
  11. If your hair is long, put it up in a ponytail or bun to avoid getting it caught in the filter or drain.
  12. Don’t add anything – e.g bubble bath, shampoo, gels, soaps, oils, salts etc. These can seriously affect the water quality and filter system and will result in charges.
  13. Do not put your head under the water in the hot tub and be sure not to allow children to do this either. This increases the risk of infection and heightens the dangers of drowning.
  14. Make sure the hot tub is at the appropriate temperature, taking in to consideration the people who will be using it. Children should never be in a hot tub if the water is warmer than bathwater about 34C. For adults, maintain the water temperature at 38C.
  15. At 39/40 C limit your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 20 minutes, as extending this time can affect your inner organs and cause fever like conditions.
  16. Never allow children to use the hot tub unsupervised.
  17. Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs in the hot tub. The hot water will amplify and speed the effects of any alcohol or drugs. Alcohol makes you drowsy, and falling asleep in hot water can be very dangerous. In addition to the risk of drowning, your body cannot regulate its temperature as well when you are asleep, which can lead to dangerous overheating.
  1. Don’t eat or smoke in the Hot Tub.
  1. Never use electrical devices (including phones, radios, TVs or any other corded device) in or near the hot tub.
  2. Never use glass near or in the hot tub.
  3. Do not block or partially block water flow at entrance of water feature
  4. Do not turn off more than half of each type of jets at the same time otherwise there is a risk of damage to plumbing & components
  5. Turn off Jet Pumps on control panel when not in use
  6. Do not turn hot tub isolation switch off at the electricity point.
  7. Do not use household chemicals to clean spa shell as most are harmful to it
  8. Access may be required at an agreed time for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Pregnant women should consult a Doctor for advice beforehand to ensure it is safe to use the hot tub
  • People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection or irritating your condition.
  • Persons with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should not enter the hot tub without prior consultation with their Doctor.
  • Never use the hot tub while using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise / lower your blood pressure.
  • Parents are advised that the hot tubs are not suitable for children under the age of four and to warn their children not to allow water in to their mouths as this can cause infection and illness
  • If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower. If the reaction persists contact a local doctor or A&E.